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Nature Aquarium Supplies & Aquatic Plants.

Source For Your Aquascaping Needs​

A nature aquarium, as the name suggests, is an aquarium with a living eco-system that is decorated to replicate an underwater scene. Complete with soothing, live aquatic plants, driftwood, rocks and of course fish, the nature aquarium is both serene and attractive. Now, one can enjoy the beauty of nature, contained in an aquarium.

Custom Design And Build Aquariums

We can build your prefered aquariums whether its a for planted or non planted aquarium . Be it full aquascapes or in a palludarium. Share with us your dream aquarium.

Planted Tank Workshop

For those who prefered to setup and design their own freshwater planted tanks, we also have workshops to help guide them to achieve it.


A Different Aquarium Store Experience.​

Inside Nature Inside’s showroom, different size of Nature aquariums is displayed to inspire you for your aquarium design. We also have dedicated a place for you to try out with wood and stones before you purchase it. 

Nature Inside offers a selective brand of products like Aqua Design Amano (ADA), DOOA, Twinstar, Eheim, Intense, Continnum, Prodibio, Kessil, etc.  Those equipment and supplies are selected based on our experience of using it.  Besides equipment and supplies, we also have live aquatic plants for sale. 

If you appreciate aquariums and specially planted aquariums, then you must come and visit Nature Inside. Be you a novice or a just a beginner in this wonderful hobby of aquascaping, we have something for you.